wthern wisconsin basketball league

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Frequently Asked Questions
1 Question:
What is the advantage of registering early?
The biggest advantage is that those teams who register early (and select play dates) will have the option of customizing their schedules prior to the general public. There will be a 'window' for coaches to add, change, or delete events to get their perfect schedule.

2 Question:
Where I can find information about concussions and head injuries for youth?
Click on RULES on the yellow bar and then scroll down to Concussion Information

3 Question:
Can food be brought in from the outside to tournaments?
No, we really encourage visiting teams to purchase food from the host school.

4 Question:
What awards are given at each tournament?
That is the option of each community. It could be trophies, t shirts, ribbons, medals etc..

5 Question:
Can you press in overtime?
Yes, you can press in overtime in all grades and in all situations.

6 Question:
Can I put down which grade/gender I would like to host on a specific Saturday?
We prefer not. We would like to match your availability to the demand of teams wanting to play.

7 Question:
How important is it to read the rules section?
Very Important...Pressing, Zone Defenses, Technical Fouls, Foul Line For 4th/5th have very specific rules

8 Question:
Where do I send my payments to?
SWBL P.O. Box 173 Elroy, WI. 53929