Deadline: October 26,2016

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Scheduling is Now in Session

Schedules Are Being Created This Weekend

Schedules are now being created by the SWBL Admin Team for all teams that registered during the early registration period.  This process will take place over the next couple of days.  Sometime during Thursday (most likely late in the evening), schedules will be completed.  At this time, the Hosting Window will start where all districts/organizations that wanted to host events, will be given opportunities to confirm their hosting schedules.  They will not be allowed to see the teams coming or schedules for the teams in their organization.  On Sunday, October 23 , the Coach's Window will be open.  This is the time where coaches will be able to see their schedule and make modifications to it, according to the change policy.  This window will continue until midnight on Wednesday, October 26th.  Any events with openings will be available to the public on the morning of October 27th.

If you missed our registration deadline, you can still register in order to prepare for the (Tournament Openings)/ Click to Claims that will be available starting October 27th.

It is important to note that many parts of the SWBL site will be unavailable during these periods.  It should also be pointed out that SWBL policy states that if a district is hosting, and they have a corresponding team for that hosted grade/gender registered, we will automatically put that team into that home event, unless extenuating circumstances arise.

Thanks again as we approach this exciting time of the SWBL Season...Basketball is right around the corner.


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