Deadline: October 21,2017

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Hosting Window is Now Open

Those communities that are hosting SWBL events this year will now have the opportunity to make any changes (or confirm) their hosting schedule.  While we tried to honor requests, it was simply impossible to grant everyone's hosting wishes.  It is during this time (until midnight on Saturday) that OLs can add or delete events as needed to their schedule.  Keep in mind, however, that we have given a schedule that is most beneficial to everyone involved (teams travel and skill level are major components) as well as ensuring that all events will run.  If you decide to add another event, you do run the risk of potentially not having enough teams to fill it.  

Please log into My Account on the gold bar (must be logged in as an OL) and make changes to your hosting schedule as needed.  If you are happy with your schedule, simply go in and click Save.  You can go back in and make any changes to this schedule up until the close of the Hosting Window, which is midnight on October 21st.

Also, make sure that you assign courts to the events as needed.  For instance, if you have a smaller court in your community, this would be better suited for younger ages.  You can always make court changes later, but it is always best to get it as accurate as possible during this phase.

Key Dates for 2017-18 Season

Date Event
Oct 13

Registration Deadline for being included in initial schedule (and reduced entry fee price)

Oct 18-21 Window for those teams hosting events to confirm their hosting schedule and make changes, as needed
Oct 22-25  Window for coaches to confirm their playing schedule and make changes, as allowed
Oct 26 Schedules are released and Events with openings will be available
Nov 4 2017-18 Season Officially begins with the first play date.

NOTE: You can still register during this period, but you will not be placed in any events.


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